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Building the Future of Health Care

"It was important to me to support this project because I believe in it. I think it is going to be great for the communities we serve," said Donna Rudy, BSN.  


Donna has been a nurse for the 41 years. She recently retired from her role as Director of Surgical Services at McLaren Northern Michigan, where she oversaw a staff of nearly 100. For many years, she made sure the operating rooms ran efficiently and effectively so that caregivers can do their jobs well and patients can receive the best care possible. With 35-40 surgeries in a variety of specialties every day, Donna coordinated countless details to ensure that each procedure runs smoothly. 

Donna has played an instrumental role in the development of the new surgical suite, which is part of the Building the Future of Health Care Project currently underway. She created multiple opportunities to seek input in the operating room design from the medical professionals who will be using them. "It was important to get feedback from the surgical team members who would be utilizing the new operating rooms every day. A lot of people had had input into the new suite," she said.


Director of Surgical Services

McLaren Northern Michigan 

Project at a Glance

The expansion and renovation project will generate more than 170,000 square feet of additional space and encompasses four key components:

  • New private patient rooms – creating 92 private inpatient rooms.

  • Renovation of existing inpatient rooms. Shared inpatient rooms will be refreshed and converted to predominantly private rooms.

  • Expanded Intensive Care Unit (ICU), growing from 18 to 24 private ICU beds; a new Cardiovascular Unit (CVU), creating 34 private CVU rooms; and 12 observation beds designed for short-stay patients needing less than 24 hours of clinical observation.

  • Integrated Surgical Program which includes a new suite of 10 Operating Rooms along with a complete renovation & reconfiguration of surgical services.

Phase 1: Site Preparation 


Significant work has been completed to prepare the Petoskey Campus for building the new 170,000 sq. ft. wing. Major accomplishments are highlighted below and involved relocating anything above or below ground that would fall within the footprint of the new wing. Utilities are also being upgraded to support the increased square footage.

  • Underground Utility Upgrade/Relocation — water mains, storm and sanitary sewer lines, and electrical were moved and/or upgraded. 

  • New Cooling Towers — three new cooling towers installed on roof of the existing facility. These will replace old equipment located on the bluff. 

  • New Mobile PET/CT Dock — constructed new docking area, including corridor and bathrooms, for Mobile PET/CT Unit. 

  • New Location for Maintenance Garage — razed existing structure and relocated Maintenance Garage to a renovated space adjacent to Foundation Building. 

  • New Fuel Tanks — two new fuel tanks installed below ground. Each holds 30,000 gallons of fuel and are required to generate 96 hours of emergency power and heat. 

  • New Patient / Visitor Parking — two buildings along south end of campus razed to relocate patient and visitor parking.

  • New Staff Parking Lot — constructed new lot with 380 parking spots for staff. Shuttle service launched to transport staff to facility.

  • Jackson Street Realignment — changed on-campus route of Jackson Street to improve future traffic flow.

Phase 2: Construction of New Wing

Spring 2021 Completion

Despite the long, harsh winter the Construction Phase is on schedule. In the coming months, work will be focused on the following areas:

  • Mass Excavation and Earth Retention System: 59,000 cubic yards of dirt is being excavated to construct the new wing.  To keep earth in place and protect the work site, an earth retention system is being built 40 feet down, along the perimeter of the construction area. 

  • Concrete Foundation: when excavation is finished, the concrete foundation for the new wing will be poured. It is a four month process, expected to be completed in June.

  • Structural Steel: steel is currently in fabrication with plans to begin erecting in July.

  • New Emergency Generators: Two new emergency generators will sustain crucial hospital operations during the loss of normal power. Parking lots on Lake Street (next to the parking structure) have been converted to the new location for the generators, with a concrete “slab” installed in January.

  • Heart Center Renovations: the Electrophysiology Lab (EP Lab) will be relocated from a future renovation area to the Heart Center. To prepare for this, several changes are being made in the Heart Center, including building a new Transesophageal Echocardiograph room, expanding one of the Cath Labs, and constructing the new EP Lab. Much of the work will be completed by July.

  • Model Patient Rooms: Prototypes of the new private patient rooms have been constructed within the Petoskey facility for the purpose of clinical staff review and final adjustments. 

Phase 3: Renovation of Existing Space

Late 2022 Completion

During the campaign's final phase, renovations will continue. 

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