Our Mission

To receive and administer  funds to support the mission of McLaren Northern Michigan and support programs that enhance the well-being of the community.

Who We Are

The McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation is a supporting organization of McLaren Northern Michigan. Both are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations committed to providing quality of health care in northern Michigan. All donations to the Foundation stay local and support our hospital and its affiliate organizations. 

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We're Building the Future of Health Care for You

Ellen and Will Dart have heard the words "it's a heart problem" three times in their lives. Three of their four children have heart issues that involve ongoing supervision. For the Darts, having physicians and quality health care services close to home is vital. 

"I am so grateful for McLaren Northern Michigan and their collaboration with doctors who work together for our family," Ellen said. "There is no way we could live here without the quality of care provided by McLaren Northern Michigan." 

Because of the wonderful care the Dart family has received, they in turn decided to give to support the hospital expansion and renovation project. For them, it is a way to express their gratitude and pay it forward so others can receive the same level of care. 

"You never know when you or your child will have a health care need," said Ellen. "We want to give so our friends and neighbors can be taken care of as well as we have." 

Ellen Dart

Community Member

The Future at a Glace

McLaren Northern Michigan provides excellent health care to thousands of people, but we need a new facility to continue our work at the highest level. We serve 22 counties and a population of more than 430,000 residents. We offer a full range of services representing nearly every medical and surgical specialty. We need contemporary, up-to-date facilities, with modern physical spaces and technology. The future of our northern Michigan community depends on it. 


The Building the Future of Health Care Project will make McLaren Northern Michigan the best place:

  • for physicians to practice

  • for employees to work

  • and most importantly, for patients to receive care

The expansion and renovation project will generate more than 170,000 square feet of additional space and encompasses four key components:

  • New private patient rooms – creating 92 private inpatient rooms.

  • Renovation of existing inpatient rooms. Shared inpatient rooms will be refreshed and converted to predominantly private rooms.

  • Expanded Intensive Care Unit (ICU), growing from 18 to 24 private ICU beds; a new Cardiovascular Unit (CVU), creating 34 private CVU rooms; and 12 observation beds designed for short-stay patients needing less than 24 hours of clinical observation.

  • Integrated Surgical Program which includes a new suite of 10 Operating Rooms along with a complete renovation & reconfiguration of surgical services.

Help Us Build the Future

Exterior.South Entrance.jpg

Hundreds of northern Michigan residents are coming together to support a new hospital expansion and renovation project. We've raised over $30 million to date, and we are asking you to consider how you can be a part of this transformational project that will build the future of health care for all of our northern Michigan communities. Learn more.


Why Give? 


The Building the Future of Health Care project is 

for you – and we will make it a reality with you!

As a nonprofit organization, McLaren Northern Michigan depends on the support of community members to make projects like this one possible. Your donation is a vote of confidence for the project and for the future of our hospital, and an investment in the health care you expect for yourself, your family, and your community. For this project to succeed, we need every single gift, including yours.

To talk with someone about how you can give a gift, call us at 231-487-3500.